Questions + Answers

What should we throw out ahead of time?


You can remove any broken, non-repairable items. Do not throw out usable items even if they are old. We also request you remove any personal paperwork from the residence.

If the executor lives out of state, can we still have an estate sale?


   Yes! We can handle everything through email, fax and post office.

What other services do you offer?


If you choose, we have contacts with local charities that can remove remaining unsold items and provide tax receipts.  We also have relationships with reputable cleaning services.

What is your fee for coming to the house and assessing it for the sale?


Our initial consultation with you is FREE of charge.

We would like to keep certain contents in our house. How should we handle this?


We ask you or your family members to remove all items you would like to keep prior to us coming out to assess the estate. This allows us to conduct a thourough assessment of what the sale can generate.

Should we sell our fine jewelry/silver to a pawn or cash for gold store?


Definitely not. Pawn and cash for gold businesses give you only a fraction of what your jewelry is worth. You’ll net far more selling your jewelry and silver at an estate sale.

What if there are some items we want to keep but can’t remove them before the estate sale date?


We would set up a room in the house that is secured and mark it as “not for sale."

How much do you charge for your services?


This can depend on the size of the sale and any additional help that might be needed. Our range is from 30-55%. Once we have access to the items (our initial consult) we can give you the exact percentage. This percentage is determined by the value of the estate. 

Our percentage includes:
Organizing your sale, cashiers, staff, pricing, appraisals, research of your items, signage, internet advertising, and text message marketing.